Home Theaters

Home Theater

The lights dim. The movie starts. It fills your view. The actors’ voices fill the room. Suddenly something happens. The music swells as action begins. An explosion on screen and the room fills with thunderous sound. Are you at the local Cineplex? Guess again. You’re at home.

This is the home theater experience: cinema-quality audio and video, with no sticky floors or overpriced concessions. Life-sized screens, surround sound, powerful subwoofers, all create the ultimate in movie enjoyment. Sit back and thrill to favorites new and old with the whole family.

Project Information

This large Home Theater was an acoustical challenge. Did you notice the Barrel Ceiling? The real stone accents around the arches? These hard surfaces had us sharpening our calibration skills to get this room to sing.
And sing it does! What challenging design elements do you have for us?