Home Theater Rooms

Let all the magic and power of a real immersive cinema envelope you – at home.

The Ultimate Home Theater

Imagine an area of your home decorated with a cinema theme, perhaps with a vintage popcorn machine and concession area outside of the screening room. Your invited guests gather here for wine and conversation before the movie begins. At the scheduled time for your film, your lighting control system automatically dims your lights as programmed, signaling when you and your guests should move to your theater to enjoy this week’s latest Blu-ray movie release. When everyone is seated, a single touch to your personalized touch screen controller dims the lights to viewing level, activates your projector and starts the movie.

During the film, images have almost three-dimensional vividness, and then you are enveloped in the music and effects of the soundtrack, clearly understanding everything that is said. When the movie ends, your friends comment that the experience is so much better than a movie theater, they can’t imagine why you would ever leave home! Is this your ultimate home theater dream? Whatever yours happens to be, our design team can help your dream come true.

The Film Experience

The goal is to create exactly what happens in a movie theater, with the image from a high quality projector reflecting to your eyes from a large film screen. Your screen size, its height off the floor, and how many rows of seats you have are factors to account for in your theater room design. The key is getting the sight lines right. You want all viewers to enjoy the entire picture without having to look over or around someone’s head, and you don’t want viewers to have to stretch their necks to see the screen. Sierra Integrated Systems’ experts can help with this, laying out in CAD format almost all of our dedicated front projection home theaters. Line of sight is a tricky subject and can make or break a room where more than a couple of people will enjoy the film experience.

Room Design

In designing a dedicated home theater room, you should not have to worry about anything other than making things perfect for sight and sound. (That’s why you made it a dedicated room!) We can help you with screen layout, plus projector, speaker and component placement. Other important considerations are how it will look and how the room can be treated for acoustics.

Get Proper Ventilation

In most dedicated home theater rooms the equipment is housed outside the room to minimize noise. For longer life for your components, it’s critical to have proper ventilation. Your amplifier will put out some heat, but cable and satellite boxes radiate lots of heat as well. Holes drilled in standard cabinets won’t cut it. At Sierra Integrated Systems, we install a quality ventilation fan to exhaust hot air, and, when needed, add a remote mounted thermostat-controlled fan. These are expertly-placed so you never hear fan noise.

Control It All

Enjoyment drops dramatically if no one can control the equipment. A well-designed remote control or smart device makes all the difference! And, we can hide all your components neatly away and still get signals to them perfectly.