Lighting Control

Enjoy one-touch to control your lights from anywhere while saving energy.

Add Lighting Scenes

A Sierra Integrated Systems lighting control system eliminates wall clutter, complements the design, and offers unprecedented control of every light (inside and out), as well as every motorized window shade in your home.

Enjoy Endless Possibilities

Control lighting scenes throughout your home from a central keypad or touch panel – no more running through the house flipping switches – and automatically activate preset scenes based on astronomical time-clock settings or from a remote location. Even control the lights of your home from inside your car so you never have to enter a dark home again!

Blend Form with Function

Place a wireless controller on the nightstand and you can put your entire home to bed with a single button press. Or, slightly illuminate the bathroom and hallway lights for a safe pathway that doesn’t disrupt anyone’s sleep.

Captivate Your Friends

Lower the home theater lights slowly once the movie starts. Press pause on the remote and the lights raise only enough to light a path to the door and the areas outside the theater. Upon returning, the lights dim again as the movie resumes. These are some of the vast customized options available with a Sierra Integrated Systems lighting control system.

Leverage our Lighting Design Team

Our lighting designs use the latest in CAD software.

We are your home technology experts. Our in-house certified lighting experts will work with you and your interior designer to not only make your home completely functional, but make it look great with the latest in lighting fixture technology.