Lutron Motorized Shades

With our shade solutions, you’ll control light from anywhere, while providing a finishing touch to walls and windows.

Windows Look Great

With our in-house lighting designer, we create lighting layouts, fixture selections and lighting “scenes” to highlight your home’s architectural features and artwork. Our lighting control systems integrate with motorized shades and use natural light to accentuate your home. Plus you’ll save energy during hot summer afternoons and cold winter nights.

Enjoy the Convenience of Control

No more running around the house to flip switches in the morning or at bedtime. Now you can control lighting “scenes” throughout your home from a keypad, touch panel or your smart device. Set the “scene” with one touch for a party. Even light up a pathway to the house as you drive up in your car. We can even set up things on an astronomical clock so that shades adjust at specific times of day or year.

Our Solutions

  • Pico® Wireless Control
  • seeTouch® keypads

Impact Your Life for the Better

Daylight has a quality we respond to emotionally and can impact our wellbeing. Colors read true, finishes reveal their texture and an uplifting quality pervades rooms with daylight. We can help make the most of daylight in an eco-friendly way. We use Lutron shading which delivers precision control of daylight – with one touch. Daylight also reduces need for electric lights thereby saving energy as well. A “Winter Warm” button can open shades and take advantage of southern sunlight. “Summer Cool” can do the opposite and close all shades. Lutron shading fabrics are also made from sustainable materials for complete environmental and energy savings.

Our Solutions

  • Sivoia® QS Wireless and Sivoia® QS
  • Sustainable Fabrics
  • Serena® Remote Controlled Shades

Create Elegance & Ambiance

Lutron controls are designed to look and work beautifully in any room or décor. Stylish control and fabric options coupled with innovative technology can transition every space and bring the right amount of light for every activity. Shades align precisely for a balanced, stunning look to a row of windows.

Our Solutions

  • Sivoia QS Wireless
  • Custom Fabrics

Increase Safety & Security

A whole-house shading system adds a new level of security for your family and home. We can set up controls for things such as “Away”. You simply select this, and all shades close as you depart.

Our Solutions

  • Sivoia QS Wireless
  • seeTouch keypads

Protect Art & Furnishings

Lutron shading diffuses light and prevents glare from washing out a PC, art or a TV screen. Shade systems also protect your valuable furniture, fine art, rugs and wood surfaces – from the sun’s damaging UV rays.

Our Solutions

  • Sivoia® QED
  • Fabrics

Visit our Gallery for Examples of Lutron Motorized Shading