Whole House Music

Select any song, artist or playlist and turn it up anywhere in your home – without even getting up.

Control it All

Imagine having a stereo in every room of the house! With a Sierra Integrated Systems multi-room audio system, you can. You have the flexibility of choosing preset radio stations, iPod players, AppleTV, streaming formats or standard CD players.

Gain Simple Operation

Operation of our system is simple, with navigation easily learned by everyone in your household. You also don’t have to listen to the same thing throughout the entire house. Choose a source for each room if you like, and give multiple listeners the chance to enjoy different sources.

Installs in New Construction and Retrofits

Sierra Integrated Systems’ multi-room home stereo systems can be done in new construction, and can also be retrofitted for most existing homes. By using a multi-room audio system, you have more elegant design possibilities. You can locate all of your equipment in a remote location. You can then place speakers inconspicuously on bookshelves, or in the walls or ceilings of your rooms, and use an iPhone or iPad to control the system.

Throw the Coolest Parties

With our systems, parties become easier and more entertaining. Have you ever tried to fill a house with music, and had to have the system so loud it drowned out all the conversation? With our systems, you can go to your iPad and adjust the source and volume accordingly. Or if you like, with a one-button push, the entire home music system can be shut off.

Enjoy Unlimited Control

Many systems now allow you to start out with a basic multi-room home audio system and expand it later to include the convenient home automation features of lighting control, climate control, security control, and much more!

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