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Sierra Integrated Systems has a history of working with Architects, Builders, and Designers. By involving our team in your project early on you’ll not only increase your Client’s satisfaction and peace of mind, but you’ll ensure overall project accuracy, efficiency and timeliness. As a company that offers both high voltage and low voltage services, we can complement your team and bring added confidence to your Clients and planning process.

While we certainly enjoy seeing a great-looking pair of tower speakers in any room, we recognize your clients might not. They may want them hidden in walls or ceilings. Our insightful space planning, coupled with our highly trained team of high voltage and low voltage technicians and engineers and can help mitigate unforeseen issues, costs and delays.

We can provide direct and informed support for Architects, Builders and Designers to assist in planning and development in the following areas:

  • Electrical design and installation, including lighting design for aesthetics and functionality which is fully integrated with architectural and low voltage design elements
  • Critical viewing/geometry considerations and room ratio recommendations to ensure a proper foundation for a future Theater Room®
  • Lighting and Shading applications to enhance the décor, design and function of a home
  • Blending critical Acoustic considerations and sound isolation with layout, electrical, and cooling requirements to guarantee comfort and satisfaction
  • Concealed technology by way of Motorized or Artwork product recommendations
In this guest bedroom the designer did not want attention drawn to the TV, so we worked with the design team for placement and concealment of most elements in the entire home

We offer two, fee-based options to supplement your needs.

Elevation OR CAD Drawings:
We can provide Elevation drawings of Construction details (framing, speaker placement, step-up platforms) or we can provide CAD drawings indicating Floor Plan placement of your speakers.

Collaboration with Paradise Theater:
We can create a customized theater design via our relationship with Paradise Theater.  Full 3-D CAD drawings of the Theater will be developed, including full acoustical measurements, construction documents, design documents, implantation documents, and acoustic calibration of the system.  We work as the project manager between the Architect, Builder and Paradise to create a seamless design plan and implementation.

We Specialize in fusing Functionality with Beauty to help Create the perfect Digital Lifestyle


What appears to be a quaint sitting room is actually a Theater room…notice the slit in the ceiling for the drop down screen. The speakers are concealed in columns, and the projector drops from the ceiling.